Ok maybe another 1 xD: add option "open link in edge canary, dev, ..." if we have all 4 browser

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there are mac apps like browser fairy, etc. but i think a way to do it directly would be much better. i mean only for edge browser. so you don't need to add chrome, brave, vivaldi etc... (if you want, you can do it...). you simply check if the app is installed and then you add such option. if i click open in dev we should have two option (we can choose inside the browser what you do)

1) open directly in the last used profile

2) choose which profile to use


Example i visit xxx.xxx from profile yyy in dev. i want to open it with profile xxx in canary. now i need

1) copy url or 2) dragdrop or 3) use another app or 4) other...

instead i should simply have menubar/rightclick menu options to do that



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