Office viewer in Edge

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Im trying to configure new functionality of Microsoft Edge. I want to open office files in web browser. Using that i don't have to download file to check what is inside. I found couple articles in which there are information's how it can be configured.

For Example that feature is described in here
The problem with that solution is that it is not working every time. For example it is not working when im trying to open attached file from my mailbox. That same situation is when im trying to open files from intranet. In both cases edge is downloading file and asking me if I want to open file. When i agree to open file that file is opened in my office app not in browser. I found some webpages on which it is working. But can You tell me why that feature is working on some webpages but on other not. There are any additional settings or requirements. 
Im using Version 96.0.1054.43 (Official build) (64-bit) but it was also tested on older versions in which that option is available.  Do You know about any limitations of that feature? 

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