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When I open the edge browser, and open a new tab,shows this sidebar.

But when I change a device, shows nothing at the same place.

Every device's microsoft edge's version is the same--- 94.0.992.50.


Some one can help me? This sidebar is helpful to me. I want all my device show this sidebar.

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Hey there @zhm2ly! This feature is currently in testing and not available to all users as we gather more data on it! I'm super excited to hear that you're enjoying the sidebar, it'll be more widely available (and you'll see it on your other devices) after additional testing and feedback. In the meantime, you're welcome to submit in-browser feedback and let the team know you're liking the sidebar so far -- and anything you'd like to see changed!


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I had the office sidebar in edge and while playing around, customizing, I selected to hide the sidebar. Since I already had it, can I unhide it?


@Monchito since you already had it, you should have a setting on the New Tab Page settings cog on the top right. Under Custom, you should have a toggle for 'Office Sidebar'!



Yep. That worked! Thank you.


I have a similar issue, I've set up two profiles for Edge browser. One work and one personal. In the personal profile the Office Sidebar is an option, but in the work profile the Office Sidebar isn't an option to select. It would be good to have consistence on the opening page for both profiles.

@4tune8 I have this same problem. Did you solve it? 

@advocare no still have the sidebar in the personal and the 9-dots in my work Edge browser profiles.

It's not a big deal as it's a visual for me to know which profile I'm in.