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Did y'all, already, notice that Office from the Bing menu bar gives all these 'Office' items?



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Hi @Drew1903, I think that Bing has been putting these links into their homepage for a while.  I have really enjoyed them, as they also work with my Office 365 subscription through work, and I can get to my specs and spreadsheets at home.  Shout out to the Bing Insider program if you want to see what is next on  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

Interesting you should mention that, Elliot... I am a Bing Insider, have been for quite a while, now :xd:.  I'm a big advocate for Bing.  Its Visual Search & Education Tools are brilliant, just to mention a couple of things out of many.  And there is more cool, useful & exciting stuff coming down the road, too!

I, still, think it would be cool if the NTP was the actual Bing page. Its search uses Bing, certainly, but, it's missing full Bing page stuff including Visual Search.