Offering feedback in build and asking for help


Hi All,

Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions so far.  I love the enthusiasm!  I just wanted to let you know of two other options for you to engage with us:

  1. You can offer feedback from within the browser by clicking on the smiley face at the top right corner.  This gets placed into our feedback database automatically and we will be able to merge it with other similar feedback to get a better idea of the breadth of support for a given bit of feedback.
  2. If you are stuck and need help getting unstuck, we have support ready to assist you.  You can find our help by clicking the '...' and then selecting 'Help and Feedback' and finally 'Help'.  You can shortcut all that by pressing F1, or just clicking this link:

Thank you and please keep it up.


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And I'm guessing the feedback hub stuff goes to you guys as well? Or should we stick to these methods.


The feedback hub in Windows 10 is still used mostly for the current version of Edge. We would prefer it if you left preview feedback either here on the forum or using the in-app experience. If you feel you need to use the feedback hub to leave feedback on one of the preview channel versions of Microsoft Edge, please make sure that you call out what channel and build you are talking about. Otherwise we might get really confused.

Ah okay, cheers Elliot.
I'm unable to access discussions. I get this error: Java method "lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel.get(String)" threw an exception when invoked on lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel object "lithium.coreapi.webui.template.models.NamedValueByNameTemplateModel@23678c72"; see cause exception in the Java stack trace. ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: #assign liLiConConfigPage = webuisupp... [in template "lingotek_macro_header.ftl" at line 139, column 1] - Reached through: #include "lingotek_macro_header.ftl" [in template "custom-messages-list" at line 450, column 9] ----

@SD777  Thank you.  We are aware of this issue and trying to get to the bottom of it.  We have heard that some people are able to see the page again if they clear their browsing cache, but others are not as lucky.  Please let me know if you try it, whether or not it works for you.




@Elliot Kirk The live help is an interesting addition.  Bravo!


@Elliot Kirk great suggestion on using the smiley - i can't use it for screen pictures as the screen shot function collects across all 3 screens i have.....


@Elliot Kirk Hi is there any keyboard short cut key to enable smiley?. Because when i click on smiley it automatically take screenshot. if i want show some bug, i cannot mouse over and clik on simely icon at same time. if i could upload screenshot, that should also work. Thanks. 

How can a user of a screenreader such as Jaws access the the smilely?

Hi @Deleted Alt + Shift + I is the keyboard shortcut to invoke in app feedback dialog.


Clicking the Smiley Emoticon at top right of the Address bar also brings up Feedback screen.


@ankit_agarwal do you know if

@ankit_agarwal wrote:

Hi @Deleted Alt + Shift + I is the keyboard shortcut to invoke in app feedback dialog.

there screen or setting section, we can see list of shorcuts?. Thanks

I'm seeing issues with and the dev release of Edge Chromium. Just FYI guys....
please support Themes and App support in Edge

I get that same error as @SD777 , but if I leave the discussion and come right back it is gone, but sometimes I have to leave and come back a few times...… At least that is what has worked for me...…



@Elliot Kirk I have rendering problems in a page where I can't see the smiley icon and the report shortcut does not work, probably because the page intercepts the keyboard. How do I report?


The problem is probably relate to Windows scaling being set to 125%, The first picture bellow shows the page in the current dev build of Edge. The second one shows the page correctly rendered on the current Edge browser.2019-04-09.png2019-04-09 (1).png


Hey @Randy2112 , thanks for trying the new Edge. 

Please try the setps below.

1. use F6 to go throgh landmarks in the page. This should bring you to the address bar.

2. then just tab and get to the smiley

3. Hit enter to invoke the Feedback popup.


Hope this helps!


Change #1
Please add Translate on right click context menu in Edge Chromium
I visit some Danish and Chinese websites for scholarly work, and I have to switch back to Chrome to translate those pages. Google Translate Extension also doesn't work in Edge Chromium. Please don't release Edge Chromium without having this feature  - don't give us any reason to switch back to Chrome.


Change #2.
Once an extension has been sent to the menu, please make sure they don't come back to the tool bar. Currently, if you disable an extension that was on the tool bar, extensions that were hidden in the menu keep popping back again and everytime you have to keep hiding them. Please fix this, it's also a problem in Google Chrome.


Change #3
Please change the Loading GIF icon, that shows up when a page is loading. Those many circles moving slowly, give the appearance of a slow browser. Firefox replaced slow loading GIF icon long time ago, they now have two loading animated linear dots. Chrome has one continous line.


Change #4
Edge is supposed to pick search engines automatically. Simply search something, and it will pick it up and allow you to search from a website straight from the address bar. I have been using Edge Chromium from the day it was leaked in a Chinese website, and this search feature keeps failing. It worked OK for some time. Then it started failing for several days. This week, this feature has mysteriously started working again I don't know when it will stop working again. Pls have it work without failing.


Change #5
If you open two YouTube pages, it appears the first YouTube page that you opened, slows down, because other YouTube tabs that are also trying to load. I don't know how Chrome does it, but it manages loading of mutiple tabs, fairly well. In fact, this is not for YT pages only, other sites if mutiple tabs are opened simultaneously, they also act like this. 


Change #6
Please reduce the spacing in between extensions in the tool bar. Bigger spaces are supposed to give a clean look, but I have about 10 extension on the tool bar, they seem to be occupying too much space. If I need 15 extensions there, it means, they just can't fit and give a good look.

Change #7
This is a new browser, please CHANGE EDGE CHROMIUM ICON THAT LOOKS LIKE INTERNET EXPLORER. For many years and for billions of people, IE left a bad taste - you shouldn't resurrect those concerns, bury them and bury them deep. Let IE remain as one of the browser that comes by default in all PC's with it's old icon, but don't give Edge chromium any resemblance to IE. That will be a huge mistake for microsoft that will slow the adoption of Edge, and that means slower growth for Bing as well. Some of these things are just psychological - it's not because Edge is not a good browser comparable to Chrome, but it just look old - ugly IE browser. Give Edge Chromium, a new, fresh, looking icon, with new colour(s) (not the current blue) perhaps, change the name as well and spend a lot of money to publicize your browser.


Change #8
Please don't limit people from using Edge Chromium. Allow all versions of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1) to be able to install Edge Chromium. Google Chrome has been successful because they give everyone access.


Change #9
Give us a mobile browser as well that works in Android and iOS, it should also work in Mac and linux


Change #10

Please dont tie Microsoft Family Safety to Edge browser.


If I want to block NSFW content using Microsoft Family Safety, I should not be restricted or forced to use your browser. What if your browser doesn't have what I want? Humans want freedom, no one wants to feel controlled or manipulated. Remove these restrictions, they don't work! Google's strategy of giving everyone and everything easy access wins all the time, Microsoft should consider adopting this approach as well. Don't drag them into your browser and corporate wars. Freedom is a greater incentive for adoptions of products than using restrictions and limitations. These restrictions, and limitations and the collection of data by Microsoft are some of the reasons I refused to migrate to Windows 10


I hope Microsoft will listen to us!


thanks for a very detailed feedback @Henry-Williams1889 . For #1 below - rollout of in built page translate capability is targeted for this month (April, 2019). thanks!