nuEdge Profile Sign In - "We can't sign you in at the moment" "Error code: 5, 2, 0"

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This is a duplicate of my answers post here.


Hello fellow nuEdgers, I'm hoping someone is able to help.

New Edge Chromium Won't Even Try To Sync

When Edge Chromium (Dev) has open, I click the 'Profile' symbol, and then click 'Sign In' I am immediately presented with the error:


We can't sign you in at the moment


The Microsoft Edge team has been notified of this issue.

Please try again later.

Error code: 5, 2, 0

Microsoft Privacy Statement

[[OK Button]]


Neither Startpage or Google find anything on purely that error code alone (I think Startpage is a layer on Google).


Standard build of Edge ( on the first start sign in run through ) gives the same error but with the code:

Error code: 0

I am assuming that when there are commas this then means that these are separate errors that are all occurring.


I have looked at this potential fix, which I don't think is directly related:

Cannot sign-in to Edge with Microsoft Account

However there's no description of what this change does to my system, so I'd like to know what that would be ( especially as it's got Admin related stuff in it ) before going on with the fix.



I suspect that this is just something with the latest couple of DEV versions ( I've updated edge).


Other stuff that I've tried ( all nuEdge installs are the new Chromium based Edge :(

  1. Second PC, same issue
  2. Fresh Windows 10 install
  3. Fresh Edge install
    • Version 83.0.478.58 (Official build) (64-bit)
  4. Fresh Edge DEV install
    • Version 85.0.552.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
  5. Different ISP (potential DNS blocking?)
  6. Flushed the DNS.
  7. ... more will be edited in if I remember / try them


If someone is considering responding with base questions ( equivalent to "turn it off and turn it on again" ) can we please assume that I've done the basics here.


I will now list any other occurrences of this incident that I find whilst searching for work around the incident myself:

  1. "Edge Sync Sign in" - Microsoft Edge Insider (Microsoft Tech Community)
  2. more to come

I am using language like "incident", "work around", and "fix", in line with ITIL methodology.





PS - I hope and pray that Microsoft are working super hard to reverse the choice to paywall syncing to only the expensive 365 accounts (docs) which bizarrely works in Android ;-). However that's not the issue here (but we should have that on all 365 Business licences, as well as free), it's that as soon as you click the 'Sign In' this error occurs.


For reference in case post gets lost:

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Title: nuEdge Profile Sign In - "We can't sign you in at the moment" "Error code: 5, 2, 0"

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