NTP issue in Win10 IB

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This is an FYI for anyone running Edge C on Windows 10 Insider Builds.  You may discover or have discovered that if you change the default Feeds setting for NTP, it will revert back to Content visible, does not hold a selected choice such as Content off. This applies to both Canary & Dev.  It only happens on IBs.  Does not occur on 18362.

Since it is critical things work correctly in IBs the issue has been reported to the appropriate Teams so that it can be addressed.  I will update you on the progress.  Was a wee bit of time 'til it was narrowed down to the IBs, only... that helped the investigation's progress, already.

If you do see this behavior in Edge C NTP on your IB, please, report it via :smile:. DO check the Include Data box & DO send from the IB computer.

Also, please, mention here if you are seeing said behavior.  I can then let the Tech discussing the issue with me know how prevalent it is.

Thanks :smile:


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