NTP Image of the Day option does not appear to be working

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I can't seem to get the NTP (new tab page) option for Image of the Day to work on any of my computers.  I'm on MacOS -- I tried the release channel, dev, beta, and Canary.


I tried clearing cache and resetting settings.


Is this feature working for anyone on MacOS?





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Hey there @GregBurlingame! On fresh installs of Edge, the Edge splash screen will show for up to 48 hours when selecting Image of the Day on the New Tab Page. It sounds like you might have downloaded the other channels to test this, and might have run afoul of that when testing this. If you're not seeing the Edge splash screen (with the Edge logo), let me know what you're seeing! Note in some cases third party ad blocking and tracking prevention tools can also cause the IotD not to show, so check that as well if it isn't the initial install situation! 


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Hi Alex,

Thank you for the reply! I did not know about the 48 hour delay regarding fresh installs of Edge. I was installing Edge on a new MacBook Pro for the first time.

After Image of the Day did not work as expected with the stable release, I tried Beta, then Dev, and finally Canary thinking a bug had been introduced somewhere along the way. When none of them worked as expected, I posted in this forum.

I just confirmed that the NTP (new tab page) Image of the Day is working as expected on both the Stable Channel and Canary channels of MS Edge.

Perhaps a message informing users about the 48 hour delay could be added? This would set expectations and hopefully prevent others from being frustrated.

Thanks again for your help!