Not able to do Screen Share through Edge, in a video conference (in Windows 10)

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I have installed Edge Canary (Version 84.0.524.0) on Windows 10. We use Jitsi Meet for our conferences, "". When we use Chrome to join, we are able to see a list of other open windows (such as Word, Powerpoint etc) and chose one to share. But with Edge, none of those windows are getting listed. Is it something to do with OS level permission that we have not enabled ? I have searched a lot on the net but could not figure out what might be causing this issue.

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I tested now using Chrome, the issue still persists but I could get it working with Firefox ! So I guess it is something to do with Chromium (that is the base for both Chrome and Edge), that is preventing other open windows from accessed and listed. Hope the Development team is able to shed some light on this and help me fix the issue.

@krishnanvs Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider's community!


Yes, if you are also seeing the same issue in other Chromium-based browsers, then I'd suspect that your guess is correct, and it's likely a bug there. My recommendations would be to try an older and more stable version of MS Edge, like Dev or Beta, and see if it happens there too. 


Additionally, our devs would love to look into this, so can you please submit detailed feedback and diagnostic data through the browser? (Shift+Alt+I)


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@DeletedIt turned out to be a laptop issue - specifically the presence of "rtls5wake" exe. The tech worlrd in general seems to be divided over whether it is a genuine drive or a trojan and did not see any official communication from RealTek about this exe. I disabled it and then restarted the laptop and screen share started to work fine. I don't see any other issue to the laptop after disabling this exe.

It seems your inference is right.
If you get improper experience in the chromium-based browsers then it may be the fault of the chromium based browsers.
It it were a laptop issue, How did it not affect the other browsers?

@krishnanvs I'm glad to hear that you found a resolution! Please let us know if it happens again or if you see any similar behavior.


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