Not able to click links on most of the websites in Full-Screen Mode

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This bug makes the links unclickable, particularly in full-screen mode. I have to press the Tab key multiple times to move across links on a page. As soon as I exit full-screen mode, it becomes normal again. I cannot even click the various dev-tool tabs (Elements, Console, etc.).


Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 12.45.00 PM.pngScreenshot 2022-02-10 at 12.50.32 PM.png

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 1.02.38 PM.png

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 1.07.09 PM.png


I am currently using the 98.0.1108.43 (Official build) (arm64) version of edge on my Macbook Air (Apple Silicon).

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