None of the pages is working

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In the latest official build of Edge Canary (117.0.2023.0), no new tabs can be opened without seeing an error message: 'Can't open this page' with error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT. 



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Yep, they broke a LOT of people this last update. Not sure if it's related to flags or extensions or something, since in-private browsing is working.



Since the NTP is loading in a New InPrivate window, I'm wondering if this is an issue with cached site data. Please try clearing your cookies and cache for the NTP and test if that resolves. To do this enter edge://settings/siteData in the address bar > In the Search cookies box enter msn > Select remove all > Test.

Nope, tried to do that, still shows the same thing.
Update: As of Edge Canary build 117.0.2024.0, this issue has been fixed.