No visible in-line Google search results in address bar in Edge Beta 77.0

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Version (Official build) beta (64-bit)
Windows 10 1903
Pre-Requisite: Ensure Google search engine is the default engine.
In my case, my default string is
Conduct a new search in the address-bar, e.g, type "Toronto"
Expected Results: Visible in-line search results for entered string 
Actual: Nothing visible in the address-bar
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Did you manually set the search string or did you just chose Google from the drop down menu?
is there any flags set in your browser?
Just toggled Microsoft Edge tracking prevention. The string is the default from the drop-down.

I have the same issue, making me want to go back to Chrome :(

Fixed by using the provided setting :)

@UThaMan8787 which setting did you change? I have no predictions showing up in the address bar when I type either!

@KR1SeS Once you are on the settings page, search for 'address'. You'll get 'Address bar' settings as a search result. It's the first setting on the 'Address bar' settings page



@UThaMan8787 Thanks that is where I thought it was and have already tried. Right from the beginning I changed my Address Bar Search Engine to to (I'm in Canada) and prediction just doesn't work.


For testing purposes now I switched to and prediction works fine. Any tips on getting it working with