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After updating to canary and subsequent versions, there is no tooltip when hovering over links or tabs on any website i.e. google, youtube, this forum. Enabling/disabling "Tab Hover Cards" flag doesn't help. Are there any other people facing this problem? If not, can someone help me? It is very annoying. I have to click the link just to read the full title of the page. 

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@Deleted  - Yup.. Same version, same problem.  However, enabling Tab Hover Cards worked for me. 

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Thank you @Deleted, I am also able to reproduce this issue on the latest Canary build.  This is a known issue that has come in from upstream Chromium.  There is a fix ready and we are working on merging it into our branch. Thanks - Elliot

Personally, I don't like tab hover cards as they elide the title of tabs. When I hover over a tab I want to see the full title.

Why did you guys go for Aura tooltips? I've seen developers use native win32 tooltips from File Explorer.

@Deleted The tooltips are back in version