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It's not doing a proper install to Win 10. There is nothing under recent installs, or via Start "E" or "M" to bring it back up. The Edge shortcut brings up the current official Edge, not the Beta.

It does show up in the remove apps list (with its beta icon) and can be set to default browser to bring it back up after existing.

Win 10: 1903/18362.295
Edge Beta (Official build) beta (64-bit)

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Hi @Sfredette, I see all of the channels under 'M' in my all applications section of my Start Menu.


They also show up for me if I type Edge in the Search box.


I am running version 1809 (Build 17763.678) when I did these tests.  I also have a computer on 1903, which works too.  Can you please retry these steps?  If you still do not see Microsoft Edge show up, please let me know and we can dig in more.  Thanks - Elliot