No settings dropdown on tablet



I hope this is the right place to 'log' this one ;)
I installed Edge Dev - version (64bit) on a couple of machines, but on my Surface 3 (noPro) tablet I cannot access the Settings menu dropdown. I can tap or click away, but it isn't showing.
Tablet is running Win10 build 17763.475

And syncing is tha bomb! Finally workes flawlessly between all my machines, tablet and mobile :)



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 Hi @RobWuijster 



As you are aware Edge Dev is in preview build but that should not stop you to try other ways obviously.


Try to run Edge Dev as an administrator first 

Try to run Edge Dev via Powershell, Run Powershell as an Admin then paste : start microsoft-edge:start microsoft-edge:


Also try opening the browser in private mode.


 C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge -private




Hi @Deleted 


Starting edge dev as admin does not fix this issue. Your PowerShell and cmd command do not work for me (unknown file, or it starts the edgeHtml browser). But using in the run command prompt with msedge.exe -private does not fix this issue either (it starts the canary version though, which has the same problem for me..)


The not functioning button is a new bug and was working on the previous dev build. The button does not react to direct touch input. The virtual mouse touchpad works though.





@Marco- hey there, yeah - you are seeing a bug where touch does not work on the Settings menu. You SHOULD be able to put the cursor into the address bar and hit tab over to the menu for now. I hope that works for you. We should have it fixed soon.

Cheers guys! Will wait for the next build to see if this is fixed.

So far I'm really liking the new Edge!


You can get to the settings by typing edge://settings/  in the address bar.

@RobWuijster Yes same here for surface pro 2017 & surface pro 6. It seems that there were some changes this week that broke it, as canary broke already early in the week and now also dev with the update on friday. I hope they manage to resolve this soon, as this certainly a deal breaker for users that rely on touch. 



same here on my Lenovo Miix 700.




@RobWuijster  the same on Surface pro 5 . no menu