no Extension Toolbar Menu like Chrome??

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has Extension Toolbar Menu been removed from Dev channel?? I think I have seen this feature around 2 months ago.... will MS edge support it in the future, just like Chrome 84?, I really like it

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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community Hub!

I am afraid to say that I cannot understand your question so I am giving two solutions to it, please refer to the correct solution given.

If you are talking about moving extensions from the toolbar to the menu, you can do it by right-clicking the extension and clicking the move to the menu option in the context menu.

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If you are talking about an extension which is not there on the Microsoft Edge add ons site and is available for Chrome, I can happily say that you can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store by turning the Allow extensions from other stores toggle on and downloading the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store.

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this is what I talk about,

we can enable this feature through chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu, in Chrome

any plan to support it in Edge?

This is a primary reason why I have not switched over to Edge. Thanks @nexus093 for bringing this forward.