No copy and paste in address bar

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I'm using Canary build 


Version 86.0.571.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

 and since yesterday I haven't been able to copy and paste in the address bar.  I only highlights parts of the URL.  What happened?

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Hi @QueenNini . 


I just got Version 86.0.572.0 and I'm experiencing the same thing. However, copy/paste works as normal when using the keyboard shortcuts.

@Pete_FFC  if it's a glitch in canary . What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Hi @QueenNini .


Click in the address bar and press CTRL+A to select the whole address.

Then it's CTRL+C to copy the address to the clipboard.

Finally, CTRL+V to paste the address.


Those keyboard shortcuts work everywhere.


I don't know if you're familiar with the Windows clipboard, but the keyboard shortcut to bring it up is WINDOWS+V . 


Same thing for me, problem with adress bar and copy/paste

I will try that, thank you.



left click in address bar then CTRL + C and V works, but right click (mouse) directly has a bug

Yep, there is a bug with "right" clicks in the address bar. Also a bug with saving cookies from urls that you have allowed to keep on browser close....

Copy and Paste has now been fixed as of today's Canary update Version 86.0.576.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit).

However, the bug with cookies from URLs you do not want deleted is still present...


@Dennis5mile That's great copy and paste is fixed