No audio from Edge Dev

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Starting 2 Edge Dev builds ago audio to the default speakers on my Surface Pro 6 stopped working from Edge Dev only. Audio works fine from a plugged in headset or bluetooth speakers/headphones. Also, It only effects Edge Dev. I tried Edge Canary this morning and everything works fine. Also, all other applications (including classic edge) work fine in terms of audio output. 


Edge Dev version info
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)
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1909 - 18963.418

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Hi @powersshell, it is likely a bug that made it into last week's Developer channel.  If it is already fixed in Canary, it will be fixed in the Developer channel update this week.  Thanks - Elliot

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@Elliot Kirk - I just figured out what happened this afternoon. Somehow the Volume Mixer had muted Edge Dev specifically. Once I opened that and un-muted all was fine. FYI if this gets muted via the Volume Mixer, it will survive an uninstall of Edge Dev, as well as a PC refresh (keeping your data).