No address bar search suggestions in Edge Beta 79.0.309.11

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I'm using MacOS Mojave.


Anyone else seeing the same?



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Hi @sudokai 

Just a quick suggestion, try setting this flag to 12 and see if it changes anything :)


Annotation 2019-11-05 010301.png


and check these settings, maybe the update broke something


Annotation 2019-11-05 010715.png


@HotCakeX It doesn't work. I've tried the same in Dev and Canary. No luck there either.


Search suggestions worked fine in the previous beta.

Even though they just released a big new Beta update but they should release other minor updates and bug fixes for things like this

If this is the release candidate, I don't feel confident about the quality of the new Edge at all. This is not some obscure feature, it's the address bar.

@HotCakeX It seems like they fixed it for Beta and Canary. The Dev version is still broken.

You're right, it's important, but strange, Dev version sits between Beta and Canary and it should have been fixed if the other 2 were fixed. but I agree about the confidence about the quality..I myself don't trust some of the features such as sync because they lost some of my data along the way even though I was told that everything is being synced.
anyway, let's see if the address bar gets fixed in the next dev update