Next closing-button to move under the cursor, after closing a tab


A short narrative: You are bingeing on information on the Internet, depth-first, vising page after another, leaving a trail of 10-20 tabs on the way. Then, you are done, and now start closing the tabs. For whatever reason, you prefer mouse, start hitting those ×'es.


When there are too many tabs (>6 on a 1080p monitor with 100% scaling), you can rapidly click on your mouse to close one tab after another. This is possible, because the tabs had shrunk in size to fit to the screen's width, and they grow back as much as they can as you close some tabs. This activity provides a brief moment of joy to many users I believe; it does to me at least. It's a good UX, imo.


The joy ends when the number of remaining open tabs drops low enough. Then, you sadly have to hunt for the closing buttons, or switch to keyboard, rapidly click on W instead, holding CTRL. This is slightly a bad UX, imo.


There are browsers that employ some neat tricks that brings the tab-closing-button of some still-open tab underneath the user's cursor. Safari is one of them, with tabs spanning always the whole window-width. Internet Explorer also is! See the animation I've prepared demonstrating this:


Internet Explorer with tab-close-cross staying close byInternet Explorer with tab-close-cross staying close by



This is persistently the good UX, and never the bad UX, so I personally would like to have it. IE's way is not the only, evident from the fact that there's the Safari. I can think of ways different from both, even. So, take this just as a sample, and perhaps find something else, better!


I will be abandoning this suggestion and unsubscribing from discussion, as soon I post it. I apologize for not replying to any responses.



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@utkangezer That's a really good idea.  I will provide this feedback to engineers.


Eric E.