News Providers that are blacklisted still shown

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I personalized my news tab. I do not want to see a few news providers and they are shown on the blacklist - but they STILL show up in my feed :(



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Hi @BerndJ, can you please tell me which Insider channel you are using?  Also, how long has it been  since you marked them as hidden?  I will get the owners of News to take a look at this.  Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk 

thank you for responding. Currently it is: Microsoft Edge Dev Build 

@Elliot Kirk I have this problem too. I'm using Canary I've blocked CNN and Vox news.

@Elliot Kirk  


Version  I have the same problem....I used to like the tab, but when all these items got added (that ignore the interests) I started removing (hiding them). There is no effect and now the feed is full of entertainment news and such that are not relevant.


I have been hiding items for days....several builds.......1 20h1 update......multiple reboots.