Newly added Flags in: Edge canary version 84.0.484.0



Delay initial navigation for EMIE list download

When the browser is launched, delay the initial navigation until the EMIE Sitelist has been downloaded and parsed to ensure that the initial page is placed in IE mode if needed. – Windows


more info:



Media Foundation playback for Windows 10

If enabled, Microsoft Edge will use Media Foundation for media playback. This feature requires Windows 10. – Windows



(What Edge was using prior to Media Foundation for playback?)



Enable Trust Tokens

Enables the prototype Trust Token API (  Mac, Windows







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@HotCakeX So What this feature "Media Foundation playback for Windows 10" is about? Would like to explain it?


@vineydhiman wrote:

@HotCakeX So What this feature "Media Foundation playback for Windows 10" is about? Would like to explain it?


you can find more info about it in here:


I'm still looking for its direct impact on Edge browser and whether it makes things better or worse

The trust token API looks like a replacement for cookies... Advertisers are mentioned as a user in the WICG explainer too.
Yeah, there is a pros and cons in here:

from 6 years ago, I thought it was newer than that
With their current implementation of the Media Foundation playback videos don't show when casting but audio is fine. It doesn't cast directly either.

Speaking of media, the global media controls play/pause button doesn't update the icon. I've submitted ~feedback~ on it but who knows when they'll fix it. It probably has to do with their custom icon.
But what does it replace in Edge?
I have no idea. I know Chromium has its own versions of a lot of things. They must have their own media pipeline too?
Yes, I think so, I realized for an open source software we don't know much about it.
There's probably some documentation somewhere but I can't be bothered searching and reading through 'em. I was hoping someone who knew would answer here lol
That mysterious someone, please come and enlighten us all :)
Hey did you ever find out anything else about using Media Foundation to render video means?

And did you see the new flags for Aura find on page and omnibox? They actually used to be there in the first few Edge Chromium releases. I hated the Aura find on page back then because it changed the behaviour and was annoying. I haven't enabled it now but I wonder if it's changed.

You've gotta make a Discord or something :p


I have Discord and Skype, pm me if you want :)

whenever I enabled any flags related to Auroa, I didn't notice any changes, I thought maybe aura is already being used that's why.


i didn't find a way to test media foundation playback in Edge either, the flags are set to default (whatever that means) don't even know whether it's enabled or disabled, and what signs to look for