New Windows dev channel update includes acrylic. Edge team is ridiculous for saying it's outdated.


A recent Windows Dev Channel update made the emoji panel "more aligned with our Fluent Design principles, including a new acrylic background." But the Edge team wants to make barely any effort into changing the design of Chromium Edge from Material design and says that transparency no longer aligns with Fluent design. I don't think I'll ever fully understand the Edge team's thought process regarding anything.

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Just out of curiosity, What part of edge do you want the transparency effects?
There is a different thread (with many many comments) to answer your question.



This has been one of The most demanded features. 


Discussion - Updating our interface with Fluent touches - Microsoft Tech Community - 1105938

After all the discussions and suggestions over the months Microsoft simply said 'No.' And that was it.  
 "A common thread through this feedback has been a lot of discussion about the definition of “Fluent” design, and how it should apply to Microsoft products, so we wanted to share an update to provide some clarity. As opposed to a specific or static set of design rules, Fluent is intended to be an ever-evolving design system across Microsoft products. As the world around us continues to evolve, including devices, interaction models, user habits and expectations, the Microsoft design system must also evolve to meet the changing needs of our users. This means Fluent will not necessarily always represent everything that it did several years ago when the look and feel of the legacy version of Edge was first developed."
Fact is that chromium edge is vastly inferior in comparison to legacy edge in terms of look, feel, scroll etc.  New edge is not UWP and feels like it doesn't belong to windows 10 like the older, prettier and more stylish version of edge did.
I agree it's sad that they said No after all those discussions for months.