New Web Widget layout in Edge version 90.0.815.0 canary






This one only shows the search area, even when Edge window is closed, no news feed.

pretty useful for performing quick searches, what do you think?


by the way, you can also use the search area in Windows 10 taskbar to search the web, just like the Web Widget of Edge.


but, since Edge is multiplatform, other OSes like Linux and Mac can benefit from this too.




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HI @HotCakeX - I'm curious about this, but it's not clear from your screenshots where this would be located. I get it's a controlled release(which I apparently don't have currently, but where would I see it(how would I activate it? (still hoping to get it and have a play!)
it's located wherever you put it, you can drag it and drop it anywhere on your desktop that you want. once you do that, it will stay there, ever after you reopen it.
Thanks. So where do I get it from? It's a widget rather than a feature, right?
Yw, it's only called "web widget", that's just a name, it's a feature, it will automatically launch or you can launch it from Edge's (...) menu => more tools, or from Edge's shortcut on Start menu.
Thanks again. I understand. I'm not seeing the option yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. :)