New version of Edge lacks many functions (PDF editing)

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Dear development team,

Unfortunately, the new version of Edge lacks many functions that were very important for my workflow. Editing PDFs has gotten much worse in the new Edge. The following problems exist:

- The pen input was very good in the past. Today it is super delayed, squeegee and pixelated

- There is no more marking tool

- You can no longer have it read aloud

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In case you are referring to highlight , you could select the text and then click highlight.

Read aloud is also available, make sure update Microsoft Edge to the latest version.

Regarding to delay issue, make sure report it through feedback option.

Thank you for your quick response. You are right, after updating read aloud is now available. :)


I know that highlighting is possible. But there is no tool which allows that highlighting is always activated and you just have to mark text and it is highlighted. This was possible with the old version and makes work with text much more easy.


I am not the only person who has problems with draw tool. It seems to be a general problem since I read that in many forum posts. The quality of hand writing is bad and its was excellent in the old version (like in Word or OneNote). Would be nice to have just the same quality as in the old version. Seems to me that the new draw tool is more optimized for a non-active stylus or finger wile the old was optimized for an active stylus.  

Thank you @Benedikt2020 

For issue with highlight there are improvements on the way and for the issue with draw tool or other issues, make sure send feedback to the team, you may open Microsoft Edge and click on ... on top right corner of screen and go to Help and feedback->Send feedback and share these issues with the Microsoft Edge team.