New Tab wastes too much of the top of the page.

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When I go Start MS Edge Beta, I open directly to the NEWS feed.  Currently, at the top of the page is a picture.  On it is a Search bar, a Settings icon and a bunch of large boxes showing recent sites.  This means that I have to scroll down to get to the NEWS.  Having the Search bar and Settings icon are a good idea.  Recent sites should be in a History dropdown, somewhere off the page.  The picture is nice, but it is in the way.  My suggestion is to: Lose the picture and recent sites.  Move the Search bar and Settings icon to the top of the page.  Bring the NEWS up where it can be viewed.

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1. New Tab

2. Settings

3. Custom

4. Show quick links = Off

5. Image of the day = Off

6. Content = Content visible

@Bruce Roberts  Thank you.  That works nicely.

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