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So - i am noob, and i should not be posting here at this stage of development .


Altough -
i am Chrome user since like 2009. I never used Edge or iE, which means i never used Bing.
And i never will - i am sorry. But i would use Edge on chromium very gladly.

I can remove Bing from everywhere, but not from "new tab".
If i cannot do that in future, i will sadly not use it in the future.
I do not mean it - like i am mad, do it or i will leave - but there must be so many people that will feel this way when they first start new Edge. And that is a shame - its kinda better than chrome already, but this just puts me off..

Please let me change the search engine in new tab or atleast set it up to a custom web page.

Let me convert Microsoft... Let me join the dark side.

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You can change it to now show Bing. There are two steps. I'll explain a bit down.

The new Edge is being built upon/off of the Chromium engine which is what Google Chrome is also built off of. Chromium is open source and various of browsers incorporate it's model as their I think some people believe that Microsoft is taking Google Chrome and building Edge off that. When in fact Microsoft is building it off of Chromium which is the same engine that Google uses for Chrome. I know that might not make a lot of sense especially if you're new to this. Chromium although it can be downloaded pretty much can't be used as a daily browser because it requires daily manual updates and it's "off the truck" to the point of being unstable at times, meaning it's whats the developers use before moving it up to Canary, at least for Google anyhow. I mention all this only because there's confusion around the net about Edge and Chrome. Edge will have many similarities with Chrome but being Chromium is open source the Microsoft development team will also improve and make their own adjustments off of it which is why to be honest it's already much better than Chrome. Edge's new version is far more clearer, neater looking, organized, and modernized than Chrome and it's still only in Pre-Beta (meaning the Dev and Canary stages). Compared to Firefox which uses a different engine there's no competition. Edge puts to Firefox to sleep in my view.

As for the Bing issue. You can set up your browser to open up to a specific page(s) when you open it. There's two ways. The first one is easy and that all you have to do is click on "settings" than "on start up" than "open a specific page or pages" and than "add a new page" which you can add in the pages you like to open when you first open your browser. That means everytime you open up Edge those pages will load and the Microsoft page will not show up when you open up Edge. There's a second way to automatically open up page tabs when you click on your browser but it requires going into the propertys of the desktop icon of Edge and adding the page to end line of the target box. 

The second step (although it could be the first step too) is to exit out of the browser and exit back in. In the search bar (webpage bar where you put in your webpages) copy and paste or type this in "edge://settings/search" but with out the quotations. In other words just like this:  edge://settings/search and hit enter. A settings tab will come up. Where it says "search engine used in the address bar" pick the one you want from the list. You have Yahoo, Google, and DuckDuckGo. I use DuckDuckGo but use what you want. I think you can add more by clicking on "manage search engines". Once that's done close out the browser and reenter. When you type something in the search bar like "Back to the Future" it will search the search engine you had selected. That should be about it. 

Bing itself is a pretty good search engine. But anyhow hope that helps a little :).


There is a "+" right to the tabs, when you click it - "new tab" feature that you can customize opens - there is a BING searchbar and if i do all above you said - its still there.

I had to install chrome extension called " Infinite Dashboard" to get rid of it and now its kinda slower than the original one, when i start Edge and i am kinda mad about it...

Its not that i dont like the stock "new tab" feature - i just dont like the Bing Bar.

Thank you so much for the explanation !


New tab MUST use the user's selected search engine, for new tab, address bar and for anything else.


Microsoft, Let me be clear with you:  NOT EVERY ONE WANTS TO USE YOUR BING SE! no matter how hard you try to impose it over us, actually the harder you spit it on us the more rejection it gets.


I'll just ignore the new tab enterely until it gets fixed, and if the fix dont come i'll just keep using Chrome / Firefox, brands and products that RESPECT their Users and their user's choices, that's a company philosophy that Microsoft keep failing to understand and one of the reasons why IE and the old Edge failed, is sad seing you making the same mistakes again and again.