New tab picture from onedrive folder

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hey i just wan to ask to the dev team if they can let us select our picture folder from ou onedrive and randomly select each day a picture from it ?


I have 9 hundreds pictures at least in my ondrive so it would be an awesome feature (and if these picture a locally stored why not use it directly from our synced folder just like picture do it on windows 10).



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I do not think they will implement a feature that will be used by < 1% of users, this also applies to other suggestions
@Wittycat Great suggestion, I will add the "@edgesuggestions" tag if it is okay with you.
sur no problem ^^

@Kam is already on my other user suggestions list xD PS: i'm not allowed to post the link anymore (only related links) 


to be correct i thought about it with google drive few months ago, but since i use different chrome themes for each chrome profile, i don't need it. for user not crazy like me, that don't need hundred of chrome themes, this feature is cool. 


i prefer edge implement something like ***/webstore/detail/theme-creator/akpelnjfckgfiplcikojhomllgombffc so user can create themes, and sync on all devices maybe with onedrive photos too.

@edgesuggestions Yes, wow, y'all have so many ideas!
si if it was google drive it wasn't onedrive so it's normal i hadden't founded it since it wasn't on it XD