New tab page on stable version - Version 79.0.309.65


I installed the new Edge Version 79.0.309.65 and noticed that even with Image of the day turned on, the background image does not change. It changes as expected in Dev and Canary and I don't remember having to set/change any flags. Has anyone else noticed this? And if you've 'fixed' it, I'm all ears.

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You're getting the default blue background that is the pic of some lake in Australia, right?
I usually have this problem too after installing Edge fresh on a system, it usually takes a day or two to start showing the daily Bing images



Yup, that's the one - with the new logo smack in the middle... It will be 24 hours since I installed it yesterday afternoon so I'll watch for it to change. Thanks for the heads up!

Yw, hope it won't take too long!

@HotCakeX Thanks for the helpful response. And @cjahn50, please let us know if it takes more than a day or two and I'll escalate this to our devs.


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Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

As @HotCakeX  said, it took about 24 hours, but now the Bing Image of the day shows when opening a new tab.


Thanks again for the info and help! 

Nice ^^
Btw in case you don't like a picture that you see, you can click on the bottom right corner of the NTP and use the arrows to switch back and forth between daily backgrounds :)