New Tab Page Not Configurable

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I have had an issue where my New Tab Page is not configurable.

I get only the mountain lake, Edge logo and a search bar.

There is not any other control on the page.

Settings->New tab page->Customize only takes me back to the non-configurable new tab page.

This is both on the Dev and public versions. It has been this way for quite some time now.

I have no/zero tab related extensions.


Any idea how to reset the page/browser to be configurable?

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in my experience it usually happens for 2 reasons:
1. Edge can't connect to the Internet
2. a policy is set for Edge to do that. all the applied policies can be viewed from here:



The first reason isn't likely. Why would I be using Edge if it can't connect to the Internet?

Second reason is non-specific. A policy? Which one(s) would you look at?


No, this answer does nothing for the issue.

Because you might be using Edge on a workstation that is not connected to the Internet, only intranet and local websites.

there are a couple of policies I think, If i saw which ones are being applied to your Edge I could tell you faster
here is the complete list:

I can check later for you to find them



There are no policies applied:


please try these one by one and after each of them check again.

0. reset flags to their default values: edge://flags/

1. temporarily disable all of your extensions, regardless of their job, restart Edge and check new tab page.

2. check your cookies settings in here: edge://settings/content/cookies
and make sure your browser is allowed to set cookies and that you are not blocking any cookies from domains related to or

3. check here: edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose
and make sure nothing is being cleared after browser closes

4. if you still are experiencing the problem, create a new offline profile in here: edge://settings/profiles
and check if you can configure NTP on it.
if you can do it, then switch back to your profile and perform a reset: edge://settings/reset
(make sure sync in enabled prior to that)
I have performed all steps.
I still have a blank new tab page.
So, nothing? All I ask is a way to get the browser back to it's default factory fresh condition.
Don't need/want to poke at policies/settings/profiles. None have worked and worst, leave the browser in an unknown state.

So, is it possible to remove/reinstall Edge? Or should I just go back to Chrome?
You can't uninstall Edge stable, but here is something I want you to try,

please go here in your file explorer: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge

(username is your Windows username)

and delete everything you see in there. make sure Edge is closed before doing that.

it will essentially delete all user customizations and all the data. it's better than factory reset.

but make sure sync is fully enabled so you won't lose your favorites, extensions, passwords etc.

after doing that, start Edge again and let me know how it goes