New Tab Page hijacking, forced advertising

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Edge has recently started switching off my preferred New Tab page extension and replacing it with its own New Tab page. Worse yet, the default New Tab page doesn't even respect my saved settings like not showing me any sponsored links.


This is precisely the kind of behavior that landed Microsoft in an antitrust suit in the '90s.


If this continues, I'll not only be uninstalling Edge from all my devices (I'm a Mac user), I'll be filing a complaint with the FTC.

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Hi @selfagency 

I like this post!

But to directly forward a complaint to the Edge team – please Alt+Shift+I (help and feedback) you can include diagnostic data so that the team prepares a fix based on your feedback.

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The Edge new tab page is a disgrace. They "forget" all of your settings as often as they want and it's repulsive. Nice to see that they keep on updating it, but even the most recent "Hey check the new layout!" prompt that the entire planet got, just puts it to the view that has always been there on It's revolting to have to re-set all my various servers' Edge browser new tab page every time they decide to turf my preferences, which happen to be No to all the things that I am able to turn off.