New tab page App launcher apps missing after update

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After a recent update to Microsoft Edge Chromium ( I am now on Version 94.0.992.38 (Official build) (64-bit) ), the App launcher no longer shows all of the items that it used to show and does not show the same items as when I open the menu from an office 365 app.


This is what it shows now:



And this is what is showed before the update:



Any idea why it has stopped showing my full menu? It was a really nice experience before and now I have to click through to a different app or 'all apps' to find what I want. Kind of annoying considering I had got used to the full menu on the new tab page.


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@Nicolaus Dewitt 


I have the same issue. The app launcher shows broken links and i can't find anywhere to modify the list of apps shown. This is very annoying!


Please fix Microsoft and no, i do NOT want to use your new, bloated "Microsoft 365 bar". I just want to once again be able to modify the "appstarter" when opening a new tab.