New tab icon has been fixed!

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Version 89.0.767.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


I think this was also a controlled feature rollout, very weird to see it 3 days after the Dev update.

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it's also fixed in Edge stable and canary
Version 89.0.774.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
Version 88.0.705.50 (Official build) (64-bit)
@HotCakeX Yeah, and I got vertical tabs in Stable, too.

@Kam Well my Dev still has the old icon and weirdly enough my Stable and Canary build have the new icons. Perhaps you're right about controlled feature rollout. 


PS: My Stable Edge doesn't have vertical tabs yet. 

They started running experiments in Stable channel i think since version 87 stable.
there is literally not a single Edge channel that is truly stable. if you are running experiments, then it's NOT stable, it's EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE.

they have an official change log for Edge stable, stating that there is vertical tabs, but then you go to Edge stable and see there isn't.

does it sound stable to you, developers?
@Limyx826 You have to enable it via edge://flags. Oh well, I guess the devs didn't want everyone to have vertical tabs.

P.S. I enabled it via edge://flags. URL: edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs
Update: Now my Dev Edge also have new icon for new tab.

@Kam I see. The vertical tab came to Stable as flag only not as a default feature. Cause on Stable I never tamper with any of the flags to see what changes the dev applied to. 

@Limyx826 Oh, ok... But when will they enable it as default?
@Limyx826 I still don't have the new icon for Canary.

@Kam Well, here's some screenshot of my Edge Stable, Dev and Canary.