New Tab - how to change News edition from local news to English International news?

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Whenever I open a new tab, it always displays my local news (Thailand) in local language. I want it to display "International" news with English language instead. I tried setting in Microsoft News app; but it will not reflect to the new tab news page.
How to do it?....thanks.

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Hi @bthoven 

the ability is planned to be added to the new Edge in January 2020



but for now go here: edge://settings/languages

remove the Thailand and any other languages from there and only keep English, then restart your browser and see the changes

@HotCakeX Thanks a lot for your good news. The temporary solution (removing local language from edge setting) does not help. Jan 2020 is not too far away. I can wait.


Thanks again.



Now added the ability to change the location for news content on the new tab page in Version 81.0.387.0

More info: