New tab hover card in MS Edge Dev Version 86.0.608.2


Just noticed a new change to tab hover card in Dev Version 86.0.608.2. Perhaps this is to prepare for new tab preview?


Images below for comparison of Stable Version 84.0.522.61 and Dev Version 86.0.608.2. 

Tab hover card in Stable Version 84.0.522.61Tab hover card in Stable Version 84.0.522.61

Tab hover card for Dev Version 86.0.608.2Tab hover card for Dev Version 86.0.608.2


EDIT: I just enable the Tab Hover Card Images flag and the tab preview is exactly the same as what @HotCakeX shown in this post

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@Limyx826 Very observant! :) I can't make any guarantees about what the final state will be, but let us know if you have any feedback on it so far.


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