New significant CPU and Battery saving feature Added to Edge version 89.0.730.0

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This feature is behind a flag, and just added to Microsoft Edge Version 89.0.730.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


you can enable it using this flag: edge://flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling


Throttle Javascript timers in background

When enabled this feature causes Javascript timers in background tabs to be aggressively throttled and coalesced, running no more than once per minute after a page has been backgrounded for 5 minutes or more.This is a web standards compliant feature, but it may break functionality on some websites by causing certain actions to be delayed by up to a minute. However, it results in significant CPU and battery savings when enabled. – Mac, Windows



more info

Technical document


this is an additional feature to the optimizations that Edge already has, or features such as sleeping tabs.

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