New profile created automatically and stays forever

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Two weeks ago, when my Edge canary was updated it created a new profile named "Profile 2" by itself and is giving no option to remove that profile. Has anyone else experienced this? Any kind of help given to remove profile 2 will be appreciated.

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@TheShaunSaw Thanks for bringing that to our attention! If you haven't yet, can you please submit diagnostics through the browser? And was there anything that seemed to lead to the duplication, or did it happen spontaneously following the update?


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Thanks for replying, I have sent the feedback right now. I did not see anything happening that lead to this duplication so I think that it happened spontaneously after an update.

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While we're figuring out the reason behind the creation of this profile unexpectedly, here are some instructions to delete this profile.


You can switch to profile 2 using the switch button. Then while profile 2 is active, click the ... menu and choose the remove option.