New Microsoft Edge updates even in limited connections

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I'm using my phone network on my computer to access the internet (while I'm without Wi-Fi) and the Windows identifies it as a limited connection, what is good, because prevents I spend a lot of expansive data mobile limiting the Windows Update, OneDrive Sync and more.


But the problem is the New Microsoft Edge doesn't recognize this Windows feature, and continues downloading updates!


I woke up today and the Edge Insider had a update, already downloaded, to install. It shouldn't happen.

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Have you used browsers like Firefox or Chrome before while using limited connection?
do they respect your limited connection settings?
I didn't try, but I also don't think so.

But, anyway, the Microsoft should implement that. The older Edge was updated via Microsoft Update and it'd never happen. Moreover it's a Windows feature and the Edge should be completely integrated to the Windows.
Yeah I agree, but I think at the moment only UWP apps respect that, Win32 programs like Firefox, new Edge, Chrome etc don't

I have the same problem!!! Bugged me for long time... I use Surface Pro X and LTE connection in the office... Sometimes when I return to office in the morning the update is ready and a great chunk of data has been burnt......


@HotCakeX I think this is up to the programmer to honor this setting... I believe there's definitely API for programmer to check if the connection is limited / metered or not, just I think most are too lazy to do so.... OneDrive is not UWP as well, but it will pause syncing when you are on metered connection...

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Oh! Really cool! It shows the Microsoft is really hearing us and our feedbacks! I'm pretty happy bout this.