New icon for the Web Widget floating button




Previously looked like this.

Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.844.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


So what do you think?


I personally would prefer it without the white background, only the Edge icon itself and preferably bigger when the white background is no longer there.

I also think it makes more sense now, the previous one wasn't really relatable.

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I still do not have Web Widget on latest Canary. :(

For that matter, there seems to be a lot of features I've not gotten yet that are on the rollout.


Maybe try fully uninstalling Canary and reinstall it again..
Yeah, but if I did that with my luck I'd loose what little I now have as rollouts go too.. hahahahaha

Well you can use a VPN from another country to change your IP location, that works too :)