New feature: Smooth pinch-style zooming using mousewheel.

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I really miss the smooth zooming that you get from pinch gestures on touchpad or touchscreen when using my desktops that have only a mouse with a wheel.

The Ctrl+wheel style zooming has its place but 90% of the time if you just want to quickly enlarge and image or focus on a part of the page with small text the fast and smooth zoom-in-read then zoom-out of pinch style is so much nicer.  With a mouse wheel that is smooth itself like my Logitech ones it would be a nice smooth action all round.

Could Alt+wheel be used to trigger the smooth zoom?  Leaving the current Ctrl+wheel one unchanged for people who are used to it.

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Though it's a good idea, given the past events, I don't believe in any developers from Microsoft, Google or even Mozilla who might consider a tiniest bit of user exp.
I'm relying on Quicker, a Tasker-like tool on PC to do these things.
YES please enable it (or at least give a us a toggle in dev settings)