New feature - Selecting text will directly give an option to search on web

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This feature is seen from Microsoft Edge (Canary) version 86.0.570.0

As the title says, there is a new feature added in Microsoft Edge in which when you select the text, you will get an option to search the web and when you will click that option, a new tab will be opened and that selected text will be searched. 

This feature currently works on but I think it would be added to all websites in the future and also can be improved a lot.



2020-07-08 (1).png


Keep developing the new great features for Microsoft Edge :cool:

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Would anyone happen to know how to get rid of it? : (

@TheShaunSaw This is an absolutely TERRIBLE implementation... Why?
Because what they should do instead is add "Drag & Drop" within Page.


You highlight the text, be it a word or link, and then you just drag and drop the text or link just moving your mouse ever so slightly on the page itself, release and it opens a new tab with the Search or opening the website if it's a link, i.e. you don't have to drag all the way to the Tab Bar or use the doppy "popup" they currently have.  This is SO FAST and easy, better than ANYTHING else that people try to do with browsers.


I've been using browsers which have this Modern browser function for over 20 years!

Why are they trying to add this "old" way of doing things to a modern browser?  A "popup"... seriously?

@TheShaunSaw I can appreciate the value of this feature, but it is interfering with my extension (web annotation tool). Both features pop up in the same space, and the search feature is obscuring the highlight/annotate mini toolbar. I would be interested to hear if anyone has found a solution to this problem!