New Feature: Multiple Profiles Handing in Edge browser just got so much Easier!

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In the latest Edge Canary browser, Version 81.0.411.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit),

there is this new option added in the Settings:







You can set your default profile and also open links on the web in different profiles from the right-click menu.





as you can see I have 2 profiles on my Edge canary right now (1 is connected to my and the other is an offline/local profile).

my profile is set as default, but now I have the ability to open links on my 2nd profile too.



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@HotCakeX  this would be great too if this option would be shown in URLs desktop shortcuts context menu. I have a few URLs shortcuts on my desktop and I want to be able to pick up to open it with a profile of my choice.