New Feature in Edge Canary Version 84.0.492.0 - install sites as share target for the whole Windows

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This newly added flag:


Enable Share Targets

Enables installed web apps to register for and receive Share requests from the Windows shell. Requires the Web App Identity Proxy functionality to be enabled as well. – Windows



which requires this flag to be enabled as well:

Web Apps Identity Proxy

Enables installed web apps to be created with modern Windows application identity for better integration with the Windows shell. – Windows



the description of the flag is self explanatory but what it does is that when you install a social network website such as Twitter as an app in Edge, it will be added as a share target when you press Share button on Edge or anywhere on Windows 10. Twitter will be registered as a system-wide share target so any app or program in Windows 10 can share files to Twitter website.


this was requested before and now implemented. thank you!



this is an example of Share from Photos app and you see Twitter which is the website installed as app in Edge is a share target on the list.




Keep in mind that this is the first implementation phase for this feature so it might have bugs or might not work for you at all.


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@HotCakeX Glad you're enjoying it! Let us know if you have any feedback.


And thanks @johnjansen for looking into this original request. 


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Thank you!

yes I always have feedback :lol:

but this time it's more of a temporary problem I hope because it's too obvious so I think developers should already know that. so the feature is implemented but it doesn't quite work yet.


  1. Only the websites that Edge itself suggests to be installed as an app ( the plus sign in the address bar) appear in the Share targets. only few sites are suggested that way by Edge, including Twitter and Outlook and Google photos.
  2. when choosing Twitter as a share target from any program on Windows 10, 2 windows are opened. one is a completely white window with no content in it and the other one is the Twitter website itself opened in the PWA UI. and it doesn't do anything, just loads the home page.




@HotCakeX It's not working for me on Edge 85.0.564.44 Stable?


Both Google Photos and Google Maps are PWAs (the Plus Symbol). Neither appear in the Share window.

Google maps? you can't share anything in Google maps.
also Google photos might not be a good share target.

try Twitter, I did and it worked.



Oh yeah thanks, that works.


Yeah true I suppose Google Maps wouldn't work and Google Photos isn't a good share target.


Annoying it has to be a PWA. I'd love to be able to use it with Facebook Messenger, Google Calendar, Skype, Teams and WhatsApp.

Well you can add all of them as PWA too. websites you mentioned are actually built like a web app. you can uninstall the UWP version of them (if any) and use the PWA instead.