New Feature in Edge Apps

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Microsoft Edge got a really nice feature I was waiting for!

In the recent Canary build, if you open a website in the browser window, which is installed as an app, you get an option to open the link in its app window.

For example: If I install as an app, & open a URL of the same domain (say in the browser window, I get an option to open it in the app, which is very handy.

The prompt appears like this in the Omnibox:



This feature was available earlier for PWAs & it has been expanded to every site installed as an app.


Thank you team for adding this feature! ☺

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I don't see how it is useful if Edge can't do it automatically


there should be an option in here




"always open in that app"

so whenever I type, the pinned PWA launches.


If I had to select the option manually every time, I could just click on the pinned app on taskbar or start menu instead, it'd be faster.

@HotCakeX Where this feature useful is, let me explain with an example...

Say I installed, and want to open my saved posts page( in the Facebook app window.

For that, I will open the link in browser & open it in the app. This is handy, otherwise I would have to install that page as an app, or would have to open Facebook app first, then open the saved pages.

This is where the feature has its worth, like the 'Apps for Websites' feature in Windows 10 & 'Open supported links' on Android.

As for the setting defaults, it can be implemented as well.

That's good for you, but for me it's useless and It can only be useful for me if It's done automatically, otherwise it's just extra unnecessary steps

@HotCakeX it will be even better if can be performed automatically, but then the pages need to be specified which are to be opened. However, with the current state of the feature, you can open any link you want to.

A similar feature is in the works for handling App opening protocols. If they extend it to apps, it would be better.

That article is totally different than PWAs in Edge...
Edge with PWAs is doing a simple redirection, those protocols an handlers are for installed apps.

I just meant if opening by default permissions can be extended to sites installed as apps in Edge like you said above.

PWA oppening when browsing to the website


finally found this, I remembered someone else also wanted this automatic opening to happen