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Hi everyone, 


I'm a front-end developer and we make websites, I currently, have to deal with Edge and IE11 and Chrome, Firefox etc.


I was wondering, when the new Edge (chromium) will go out, will it erase (or update) the old Edge (Edgehtml) or will we have to deal with both of new-Edge and old-Edge.


Thanks for you answers !


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@mourtazag   Microsoft has made it clear that Edge Chromium will replace Edge (Classic) and IE (now a depreciated technology described as “a compatibility solution” rather than web browser) on the Windows 10 platform, and that Edge Chromium will replace IE will on Windows 7/8/8.1 platforms. 


The timing of Edge (Classic) and IE replacement, however, is murky at best.   Speakers at Build 2019 suggested that (a) Microsoft has contractual commitments to enterprise customers to maintain IE for a period of years, so that elimination of IE may not be in the works for a while, and (b) the cut over from Edge (Classic) to Edge Chromium on consumer platforms may be gradual rather than abrupt.


I think that the best any of us can do is to wait until Microsoft issues more definitive statements about the timetable.