New Edge Extension - NO EMAIL SENT - Extension Review failed​​: Check your email for issue details

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My new Edge extension is marked as failed, and I am told to check my email for details, however I never received an email.

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@JSAutomate_User Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our MSFT Edge Insider community. If you would like, I can send you information via DM on getting in touch with the Extensions team; just let me know by commenting below.


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Yes whatever it takes. This is my first Edge extension and I need to know whar to fix to get it approved.




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@DeletedI've same problem. Can you also send me?

We've got the same thing, we published the extension twice, and twice got the rejection.
The mail is empty, it's impacting our business, please advise, how we can resolve the rejection, and what was the reason.

Extension ID - fhlidomodkicgjafmppbblmgbkdcjpad

RetailMeNot Dev Team.