New Edge Download Speeds

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I've been comparing the download speeds between browsers.  This new Edge Chromium is slower than Chrome, Original Edge, and Internet Explorer.


The original version of Edge was the fastest.

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To help increase download speeds you can enable the Parallel Downloading Flag using the following link.



Sorry, didn't find any other thread to join in with this problem ...


Please, is there any known cause or solution for this Microsoft Edge browser Wi-Fi download speed slowdown problem.
Having from my operator a 50Mbps VDSL2-line and a ZyXEL VMG3925-B10B ADSL/VDSL2-router with Wi-Fi connections for 2.4/5GHz and latest f/w.
My machine is a laptop with all up-to-date Windows 10 Pro 32-bit v1903 18362.267 and a Netgear A6100 USB Wi-Fi connector for 2.4/5GHz and up-to-date driver, ab. 5meters/16ft apart from the router with a good sight, and MS Edge is v44 and HTML v18.
Now lately during some weeks after measuring the line net speeds with Ookla, all other browsers, IE11, Chrome and Firefox do have decent speeds for LAN and both 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi, downloads 35-45Mbps and uploads 3-6Mbps, but MS Edge is all the time failing with the 5GHz Wi-Fi download to the level 4-10Mbps, but upload is a decent 3-6Mbps.  Some very-very rare times this download may reach some 30-40Mbps level.
If there is any other known hints for this, than uninstall and reinstall MS Edge which is already done, please tell me ... Thanks!
Have you tried enabling Parallel Downloading flag in edge://flags/ as suggested above?



Thanks for the hint.


OK, have been trying the edge://flags, but do not get anywhere than into Google Search page with it ...


I think the problem for this is the Windows 10 Pro 32-bit, as the flags are contained only in 64-bit version ...


Let's see, if something positive happens with this, but of course I can live with this with Edge and in case can use the other browsers.



Oh, well I hope it will work out for you until you can switch to a 64bit OS :)



OK, now I have tested two laptops, Win10Pro 32-bit v1903 and Win10Home 64-bit v1903 with Edge v44/v18, and neither did react to address -> edge://flags at all, just opening the Google Search page with the text ready on the search box ... And, the download speed remains all the time on the level 6-15 Mbps.
But, with -> about://flags there will got opened a smaller window-in-window with Developer's settings, but with no alternative for Parallel download!
What am I doing wrong or isn't there anywhere at all found such window with that alternative on these Win-versions?


you need to do it on the Edge Insider.

This is the Microsoft Edge Insider forum, this topic as well as the solutions suggested in here were all about the Edge insider. 

the related forum for the Original Edge is in here: