New Edge Canary Mobile version - Available Now - Updated Chromium version




Microsoft Edge Canary is the newest Edge app on mobile. here is the app on Google play:


  1. The Chromium version is up to date, latest version, same as on Edge desktop.
  2. the UI has some different design elements.
  3. settings page is also different.
  4. sync is fully enabled and working.
  5. Flags are all available and working.
  6. you can set it as default browser on your phone.


this has been promised a while ago, but now it's here. so go on and download it, comment down below what you think about it. :smile:


Microsoft Edge mobile is available today on iOS and Android, and supports a rich set of features for the enterprise. To allow for faster innovation we are aligning the mobile codebase with desktop and will have a public Beta in the coming months. Learn more on Docs! ...
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Loving it so far. The same fast, fluid and Microsoft experience now on Android!

Yes, very impressive performance, I just want 1 thing now:

To be able to install Extensions on Edge Android



Yes, it's very good !!! But I think we lost ad block by the way! Can we put some extensions on? Because otherwise it's a big step backwards! But otherwise it's really great!
This is AWESOME news, thanks a lot! This version is already much better than the "stable" one. Unfortunately the two most important flags to me aren't available, which are "Darken websites checkbox in themes setting" and "Tab groups". I hope the Edge team makes them available soon!
Yes that would be really good to force darken website contents from settings,
you can use this flag in Edge mobile until they implement it :)

@HotCakeX  Nice! But why does the New tab have a chromium icon as the favicon? Ew! :)

Some good news: this build fixes the problem with single taps on e-ink devices. At least single tap to close tabs works perfectly now on my Boox Note Air. Awesome. 

Oh, thanks a lot, @HotCakeX  I just downloaded and I'm already using. I've been waiting this update for months :grinning_face_with_sweat: and I'm anxious to give my option and feedbacks.


So far I've only seen one small error on the welcome pageWhere is written "A Borda Padrão", in the changing theme menu, should be, actually, "O tema padrão", "O tema padrão do dispositivo" or something like that.




I'd like to give a suggestion too: please, set the nav bar as transparent, using the Edge-to-edge concept from Android 10, like you guys already does on iOS (here: , here, and here )



Look how this bar is ugly, makes the screen smaller and pollutes the screen as well...


Look how it's very better, like the Edge works on iOS and how it should be on Android as well. The little home bar change its color depending from the background.


This division of the interface is also ugly.


Another suggestion that I'd like to see in the future is the "force dark mode" in sites that don't have support to the changing color API. Various browsers already have it.


And, congratulations! The new Edge for Android is incredible :D you've gone a good job.

Yeah it still has some rough edges, there are also some flags that shouldn't be available on a mobile platform. but overall, it's a pretty good app for for its first appearance in Google play.
@HotCakeX They should call the Canary version "Rough Edge" :D I do really miss the ad blocker from the previous version, hope that makes it in soon. Main reason for me: animated ads are pretty unpleasant to look at on an e-ink device!
Yeah ads are not good at all, I hope this time they include ublock origin instead, or just let us use any extension we want. that would really be the killer feature^^
Using Tracking Prevention in Strict will also do the job until any ad block extension officially becomes available.

The problem with #enable-force-dark is that it forces dark mode on web pages on even when the phone/browser is set to light mode, which is a deal-breaker for me, since I use dark mode only at night :\ @HotCakeX 



@YgorCortes wrote:

The problem with #enable-force-dark is that it forces dark mode on web pages on even when the phone/browser is set to light mode, which is a deal-breaker for me, since I use dark mode only at night :\ @HotCakeX 


Oh that would be very great if it was connected to the light/dark theme of the browser :)

But since 1st May, for mobile, the Canary was not received any updates, still at 92.0.873.0, for PC, now is 92.0.878.0.