New Edge Browser for Surface Hub

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Is there going to be a version of the new Chromium based Edge browser for the Surface Hub?  If so, is there a timeline on when that would be released?  I know only apps from the Microsoft store can be installed on the Hub but if Microsoft is moving from classic Edge to Chromium Edge, I would hope they'd support the Surface Hub.

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@David Rubino, do you know if there will be a version for the Surface Hub?

I'd be keen to find out as well. Please post an update here if you find out anything. Thanks in advance!

@Cezar Cretu, do you know if and when the new Microsoft Edge browser is coming to the Surface Hub?

@Jeffrey AllenJust curious, what exactly is and are the uses of the surface hub and what makes it different from windows 10 home and pro?

The Surface Hub in 1st generation are a 55" and 83" Touch screen device for offices to use for SfB, Teams and other meetings in a conference room. They have a special version of Windows 10 called Windows 10 Team. The second generation just came out this past summer called 2S and currently they have a 50" device and next summer an 85" device will be coming out. Here is a link to the new devices
Also, only apps from Windows App store can be installed on these devices and so you can't just download and install any 32-bit or 64-bit programs.

@Jeffrey Allen nothing has been announced so far and I don;t expect it to happen until this will come out of Beta. 


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Thanks Cezar! I do hope it does come to the Surface Hub when it goes GA in January!

@Cezar Cretu any news now that Edge Prod has been out for a bit?


I was on a Surface Hub today and was tempted to cast from my PC just so I could use New Edge.

No information on this but I expect it to come with the new OS release

@Cezar Cretu, will the new OS release be available for the original Surface Hubs or just the 2s series?

@Jeffrey Allen - according to The Verge the Surface OS update will be coming to both Surface Hub 1 and Surface Hub 2S devices.


Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “The top two priorities for Hub in 2020 are deploying the 85” device and rolling out an OS update that includes many top features customers have been requesting since Surface Hub 2S launched, including improving IT integration, deployment and management capabilities at no cost for all version 1 Hubs and Hub 2S devices. We’ll have more to share in the coming months.”


@Jody Finch, thanks Jody.  I saw that article however, I remember seeing two other articles that referred to the update for the Surface Hub 2S devices only and so wanting a clarification.

@Jeffrey Allen - I was VERY excited to see that the newest Surface Hub OS update is in Public Preview!! Along with it, you can now push Edge Chromium! I just joined a Live Meeting and a Zoom call (browser) from my Surface Hub S2. I posted pics in the comment section of that post.

@Jody Finch, good to hear but I wonder when the final update comes out and not just preview? Look forward to it.