New Downloads and Collections Menus

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Sorry devs, but I need to share this with my desperate fellows who want to try this new features too. :cool:


To enable new flyout menus for Downloads and Collections you need to add command line parameter to browser shortcut:






Tested on version 90.0.778.0


UPD: cmd line with 'Smart Copy':

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Thanks :D


Is there a way to see all the available command line switches for browsers like Chrome and Edge? :)

@HotCakeX I think the command line switches for Edge and Chrome is the same.


But for list of all flags/features, we need the developer or browser source code. Searching in msedge.dll with a hex editor is not the best pastime. And I did it for specific features, not for all existing ones. :smile:

I don't think they are the same, these switches for CollectionsHub and DownloadsHub won't be working in Chrome cuz it doesn't have these, right?

'--enable-features=' - is a command line switch.

'msDownloadsHub' - is a feature/flag.

First ones are basically the same, second ones are not.

Using switch '--enable-features=' you can turn on several features.

my bad, I was using those terms inversely
That's awesome! How to enable it on MacOS?
Hello thanks for that,
But i have a question i know when we click on a link these feature aren't loaded (if the browser start on the link click, does you know where to add these rules for the browser to load these feature when the browser is loaded by the os default browser settings ?

What is "os default browser settings " exactly?
when you click on a link and edge is closed, it search somewhere in the os what is the default browser and open it.
And when it open it, the manual feature we enable by modifing a shortcur, are ignored.
i search a way (who resist to edge update) to "force" these feature even in this case.

@HotCakeX we were just talking about this with the feature teams recently. No ETA yet but we're working on putting out some documentation on the command line switches for Microsoft Edge =)

Thank you!
by the way, could you please add Microsoft Doc's Edge portal

under "More Resources" section in here ?

that's a valuable resource and lots of info reside there
if you can add a way in edge://flags, to mannually enable feature it would be nice (because modify a shorcut with cmd config isn't really user-friendly, and in the other hand, if you add it on edge://flags if edge crash you can see what features have caused this crash more easily.
Thanks, I see what you mean now,
I agree we need something like that, because we can't add command line switches straight to the .exe, we can only do it to shortcuts, or make a .bat file and launch the .exe with those parameters.

so an area inside Edge settings like here
to add commandline switches directly to the "msedge.exe" would be great!
*cough cough*

how do you find the name to add behind ms ? for exemple (it in flags so it an not useful exemple but it's for understanding, how do you enable password leak detect or startup boost (they must already be enabled in canary but it's an exemple ^^)
they are in the msedge.dll as eddiezato mentioned above ^^
i must tell it's funny to search in ddl after news feature to try it ^^

@eddiezato for download hub it work enven on stable but i would recommend : 






to open the popup when the download start (finded it in msedge.dll) thanks to @eddiezato and @HotCakeX for explain me how to find these function

yeah haha it's fun, finding easter eggs

thanks i'll use it

but to be honest, the Edge developer team responsible for reviewing crashes, browser logs, diagnostics etc. won't be so happy, because they will receive mixed results,
i suggest to use this to try out new features once or twice, but keep using Edge canary without any of these feature flags for long term browsing :)